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Law Firm

Retainer Services

For ongoing assignments, we offer an “In-House”- style legal retainer service to our clients on a monthly fixed fee basis. A member of our team is able to review contracts, attend meetings and conference calls and become familiar with the client’s team.

Our team is available “on demand” each month to provide legal support as and when needed. The flexibility of this structure provides our clients with the ability to plan for a fixed spend on legal costs, spread over a period of time.

The cost of the retainer would not fluctuate depending on the amount of work completed (subject to a fair use policy). 

Our clients find this model to be particularly effective as it enables and encourages open communication and allows us to understand what is commercially important to our clients.

Our team can also work “In-House” and attend and work from the offices of our clients. Our clients find by utilizing this structure that we are able to add value to their business as our team becomes familiar with the commercial rationale driving their company.

You can read more about our billing practices at the following pages/links: